In addition to the open textbook for teaching scholarly communication, we are developing an online community/repository that we are calling the Scholarly Communication Notebook (SCN), which we hope will become the locus of an active, inclusive, empowered community of practice for teaching scholarly communications to emerging librarians. We are consciously modelling the SCN on Robin DeRosa and Rajiv Jhangiani’s Open Pedagogy Notebook. Like OPN, the Scholarly Communication Notebook will host community-designed examples of teaching and doing scholarly communication that we hope will be regularly refreshed by librarians from across the field as well as LIS faculty and students completing coursework on these topics.

With generous funding from IMLS, we will be offering competitive financial awards to support contributors to the SCN from a broad range of institutions and intersectional identities, particularly emphasizing marginalized and underrepresented perspectives. We plan to release a formal call for funded contributions in 2020, but you can read more about the project in this blog post and see all of our materials on our OSF site. If you have any questions about the project reach out any time, and stay tuned for a formal call in 2020.